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Duct tape is a polyethylene-coated cloth with a high tack synthetic rubber adhesive. It is commonly used in sealing HVAC ducts and household repairs. Duct tape has balanced peeling strength, waterproofing, easy tear features, and resistance to weathering.

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ID EPIM0H75 Image title   In Stock
4220 Cotton Cloth Tape
ID ETGT4220 Image title
60" x 500 yd
431 Glass Cloth Tape
ID ETGT431 Image title   In Stock
431F Glass Cloth Tape
ID ETGT431F Image title
1" x 60 yd (180') (sold/ft)
439 Glass Cloth Tape
ID ETGT439 Image title
1.375" x 54 yd (162') "Made in USA"
439-5 Glass Cloth Tape
ID ETGT4395 Image title
3/4" x 36 yd
9800 Fiberglass N/A Tape
ID FAMU9800 Image title   In Stock