For more than 60 years, Paisley Products has provided a wide range of solutions that are an ideal fit for many different transportation, including: aerospace, automotive, railway and other various transportation applications.

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3M- EC-776-SR Fuel Resistant Coating
ID AV3MZ00005K2 Image title
USQuart Can, transparent red
3M- EC-776 Fuel Resistant Coating
ID AV3MZ000061I Image title
1 Quart Container
3M- 06396 Automotive Adhesion Promoter
ID AV3MZ000062A Image title
Promoter Sponge Applicator Packet
3M- 4200 Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure
ID AV3MZ00006DZ Image title
296 ml cartridge
Aeroshell- 33MS Grease
ID AVAE33MS Image title
(Mil-G-21164D) (formerly 33MS)
Royco- 885 Instrument Lubricating Oil
ID AVAER0012101 Image title
1 US gal Can
Royco- 825 Lubricant
ID AVAEZ000009Y Image title   In Stock
1.75 BL Can
AOS Heat Sink Compound 400
ID AVAOS5203240 Image title
52032 AOS Heat Sink Compound-400