Grease Lubricants

Lubricant is defined as a substance used to reduce friction between two surfaces in relative motion. It prevents corrosion by protecting the surface from water and other substances, while also being a conduit, which can transport contaminants to filters to be removed.

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Aeroshell- 33MS Grease
ID AVAE33MS Image title
(Mil-G-21164D) (formerly 33MS)
AOS Heat Sink Compound 400
ID AVAOS5203240 Image title
52032 AOS Heat Sink Compound-400
Dow Corning- Compound 5
ID AVDC0005 Image title   In Stock
Dow Corning- Molykote MH62 Grease
ID AVDC0MH62016 Image title
16 kg (35.2 lb) Pail
Thixogrease #2
ID AVXXZ00007I8 Image title
425 Gram Tubes