Car and truck manufacturing in North America consumes 100 million pounds of adhesive every year. Using proven specified adhesives (epoxies, hot melts, instant adhesives, thermosetting and double-coated and pressure sensitive transfer tape), our sales engineers will assist you in solving gap fills, vibration, interior bonding applications, and lamp assembly. We can also help you choose the appropriate valve and dispensing system. 

Paisley Products uses our relationship with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with products and materials to improve performance, reduce cost and ensure that all projects generate valuable and optimized end-result.

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3M- EC-776-SR Fuel Resistant Coating
ID AV3MZ00005K2 Image title
USQuart Can, transparent red
3M- EC-776 Fuel Resistant Coating
ID AV3MZ000061I Image title
1 Quart Container
3M- 06396 Automotive Adhesion Promoter
ID AV3MZ000062A Image title
Promoter Sponge Applicator Packet
3M- 4200 Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure
ID AV3MZ00006DZ Image title
296 ml cartridge
Aeroshell- 33MS Grease
ID AVAE33MS Image title
(Mil-G-21164D) (formerly 33MS)
Royco- 885 Instrument Lubricating Oil
ID AVAER0012101 Image title
1 US gal Can
Royco- 825 Lubricant
ID AVAEZ000009Y Image title   In Stock
1.75 BL Can
AOS Heat Sink Compound 400
ID AVAOS5203240 Image title
52032 AOS Heat Sink Compound-400