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Lubricant is defined as a substance used to reduce friction between two surfaces in relative motion. It prevents corrosion by protecting the surface from water and other substances, while also being a conduit, which can transport contaminants to filters to be removed.

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3M- 3901 Scotch-Weld Primer
ID AV3MY3901005 Image title
1/2 Pint
3M- 5136 Electrical Resin Primer
ID AV3MY5136001 Image title
1 Pint bottle Primer
3M- 3950 Edge Sealer
ID AV3MZ00004VA Image title
8 oz can
3M- 06396 Automotive Adhesion Promoter
ID AV3MZ000062A Image title
Promoter Sponge Applicator Packet 2.5cc
3M TroubleShooter- Baseboard Stripper
ID AV3MZ0000JC2 Image title
23 oz Spray Can
Dow Corning- Silicone Brake Fluid
ID AVDC0SBF Image title   Limited Stock
Dow Corning- 1201-RTV Prime Coat
ID AVDC1201 Image title   Limited Stock
Dow Corning- PR-1204 Prime Coat
ID AVDC1204 Image title   Limited Stock